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Sentry Protection Products - complete impact protection
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Gorilla Post Delinerators
Polector Light Pole Base Covers
Parking Blocks
Speed Bumps and Humps
Scrape Guard Flexible Vinyl Wrap
Gate Arm Guard Moving Gate Covers
Height Guard Clearance Bars
Post Guard Bollard Covers
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Parking Lot Safety Solutions

You know the importance of parking lot safety. Your facility planning and maintenance should include providing for the safety of pedestrians and the protection of vehicles. By having a safe atmosphere in your parking area, visitors see that you care about their safety.

Made from structural grade steel, 
Pipe Bollards provide security as they are partially buried in the ground and filled with cement which supplies facilities with the best door, entry or drive-thru impact protection.

The original
Post Guard Bollard Cover can absorb minor impact without vehicle damage. These Bollard Covers save time and money by eliminating scraping and painting steel bollards. Simon has so many sizes available that he has never found a bollard that he can’t cover!

Decorative Bollards create physical and visual barriers for vehicles, without taking away from the aesthetic of a landscape or architectural style.​ Enhance the look of the bollard while still creating the physical protection that bollards supply.

Post Guard Dome Top Bollard Covers retain all the same benefits as Flat Top Bollard Covers but with a unique rounded top. They resist fading and rusting, providing a maintenance-free property upgrade.

Speed Bumps are constructed of molded plastic or molded rubber and can effectively control the speed of vehicles. Speed Humps are made from 100% recycled vulcanized rubber which provides durability and strength. Speed Bumps and Humps are traffic-calming devices designed for pedestrian safety.

Rubber or Plastic Parking Blocks are a cost-effective alternative to cement blocks, and provide a fast and easy installation that will give a clean look to your parking lot. Blue parking blocks help to define handicap parking areas.

A low clearance entrance needs to alert a driver to the maximum height allowed for entry. 
Height Guard Overhead Clearance Bars show the exact height requirement while providing a “soft impact” if there is accidental contact. A free-standing Carbon Steel Clearance Structure with a Height Guard Clearance Bar can be positioned where needed, allowing a flexible solution.

Many parking lot entrances are gate controlled. 
Moving Gate Arm Guard Covers can protect gate arms, add visibility and avoid scrapes if the gate makes contact with a vehicle.

Scrape Guard Flexible Vinyl Wrap - Flexible enough to fit around rectangular or pylon-shaped light pole bases, and odd shaped barriers. This Bumper Wrap provides protection from constant vehicular abuse and eliminates the need for scraping and painting.
The magnetic, removable
Gorilla Post Delineator is used in place of a permanent bollard or fixed bollard. When struck by a vehicle, the flexible Gorilla Post absorbs impact and protects the vehicle from damage which helps reduce the property owner’s liability.

Poletector 360° & 540XL Light Pole Base Covers quickly and inexpensively enhance the visual appearance of unattractive and hazardous light pole bases. Lower your long term maintenance costs, while offering safety to your customers and their vehicles.

Sentry Protection Products offer the most complete impact protection available to fully protect your parking structures and garages – your facility, your people and your equipment. Sentry’s full-line of column, corner, rack, and other concrete cushion products absorb impact time and time again.​

Simon is dedicated to provide you with the best solution and information about parking lot safety products that enhance an abundance of retail and commercial properties.

Parking Lot Safety Solutions


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