Steel Pipe Bollards in 4,6,8,10 inch diameters

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Bollard Covers

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Steel Pipe Bollards

Decorative Bollard Covers for a visual appealing style.
Bolt Down Bollards
Bollard Covers come in bright, attractive colors.

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Available in 4, 6, 8 and 10 inch diameters and can be custom cut to any height requirement and custom fabrication is available.

Steel Pipe Bollards are designed to protect structures, parking and park areas. They are found at storefronts to keep vehicles from encroaching from the parking area, along sidewalks, protecting bank drive-thru ATMs and many other vehicle and pedestrian safety applications.

Constructed of ASTM 500 B structural grade steel, Steel Pipe Bollards are a permanent, fixed bollard at the point of installation.  A portion of the pipe is buried in the ground and surrounded with concrete to assure a solid foundation. The steel pipe itself is also filled with concrete to provide the utmost protection.

​Steel Pipe Bollards ship with or without prime painting and are ready to be covered by the Post Guard Bollard Cover to avoid the cost of painting.

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Steel Pipe Bollards

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