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rubber speed bump
Speed hump interlocking panel and end cap
plastic speed bump
Safety Rider Speed Hump
Recycled speed hump
Speed humps calm traffic

Interlocking Panel

End Cap


  • Constructed of 100% recycled rubber
  • Expandable to any width with interlocking panels
  • High visibility with embedded reflective tape
  • Fast and secure installation on any paved surface without the need of additional labor (hardware included)
  • Lightweight and removable
  • Maintenance free
  • 1 year warranty

The 100% recycled rubber Safety Rider V mini speed hump is made from vulcanized rubber which provides durability and strength. With interlocking units, you can customize the hump to your specific situation. The mini humps are easy to install and installation hardware is included. Plastic shields inserted into pre-drilled holes allows for a bolted-down secure fit. Reflective tape on both the interlocking panels and end caps provide maximum visibility on dark nights. This mini hump is ideal for anywhere slow traffic is desired.  They are perfect for temporary traffic control situations such as closed street events.

When you need to slow traffic, mini speed humps are a smart safety solution. Plus, they can be quickly removed and stored or relocated. Mini humps are perfect for heavy truck traffic areas.

Ideal for: hospitals, parking facilities, playground and school parking areas or just about anywhere there is a need to slow traffic for pedestrian safety.

Speed Humps - a Gentler Form of Traffic Control

Speed Humps for traffic calming