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All Sentry Products Are:

Sentry Protection Products offer complete impact protection
Industrial Rack Protection

Sentry Protection Products

Versatile portable bollard has many uses

Complete Facility Protection. . . from Columns to Corners to Racks

by Simon Marketing Group

The Sentry Protection family of products offer the most complete impact protection available to fully protect your investments — your facility, your equipment, and your people. From parking garages to warehouses to materials-handling facilities, our full-line of column, corner, rack, and concrete cushion products absorb impact time and time again.

portable bollard used in parking area
column protection
energy-absorbing corner protector
Square Column Protector
Column and beam protectors

Guard Post

This versatile portable bollard available for a wide variety of uses, indoors and out.  The Guard Post is a water-tight hollow unit that can be filled with ballast to increase stability or can be attached with fasteners into a floor, dock, or any other flat surface.

Rack Sentry
Rack Sentry prevents rack damage and fits most rack widths. They are stackable for increased vertical protection with sizes to accommodate corners and horizontal beams.

Parking Lot Safety Solutions

Park Sentry
Uniquely designed polypropylene column protector that can be quickly and easily customized to fit around virtually any square or round column to protect vehicles and columns.

Column Sentry
For every column in your facility. We have the protection that fits and lasts. From your smallest to your largest, we have your columns covered. Fits columns from 4" to 20" squares, rounds, and H’s.

Corner Sentry
The best protection for wall corners, vehicles, and your facility. The only energy-absorbing corner protector
that protects corners of all kinds, in any application. Attaches easily via wall anchors or adhesives.

Collision Sentry Corner Pro

Forklift collision avoidance warning system alerts  drivers and pedestrians to approaching traffic. The Collision Sentry’s LED lights, generated by infrared motion detectors, flash a warning in both directions around a corner to prevent a

possible collision.

Extremely versatile

  • Wide variety of sizes to fit most application
  • Ideal in a variety of environments — parking garages, warehouses, industrial, or anywhere columns, posts, beams or corners are exposed

Incredibly tough

  • Protects in most any condition
  • Molded from semi-flexible and stress-crack resistant plastics that minimize the force of tow motor, vehicle and other impacts that can damage columns, racks, corners, concrete, supports, vehicles and operators
  • Chemical-resistant and non-conductive

Highly visible and easily maintained

  • Bright Safety Yellow with contrasting black straps to maximize visibility
  • UV stabilized plastics prevent fading or discoloration
  • Waterproof, easy to clean and removable for maintenance

Easily installed

  • No tools required, one person can install in seconds
  • Most products attach using self-gripping straps and closures
  • Save time, labor, and the cost of construction, materials and downtime


  • Built to last and absorb impact after impact
  • Economically protects the structural integrity of your building
  • Costs a fraction of rack, floor, column or inventory repair/replacement
  • A one-time “insurance” investment