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Scrape Guard Flyer

Scrape Guard Specs

Scrape Guard roll
Flexible vinyl wrap protects vehicles from scrapes
  • Plastic construction — will not rust or corrode; perfect for indoor or    outdoor use
  • Black color compliments the Scrape Guard
Scrape Guard zip ties
  • The Scrape Guard Strapping Kit contains 1500' of 0.5" wide polypropylene strapping, 100 poly buckles* and a tensioner – enough material to complete hundreds of wrapping jobs  
  • Made from 100% plastic construction – will not rust or corrode, perfect for indoor and outdoor use

​  * Additional Poly Buckles can be         purchased separately

Scrape Guard Strapping Kit
plastic cable ties
Scrape Guard Cable Ties
Secure your Scrape Guard with
easy-to-use cable ties.

Scrape Guard Strapping Kit

The Scrape Guard Strapping Kit is recommended when the object being covered with Scrape Guard is greater than 48" in circumference.  Simple to install - cut to desired length, thread the plastic strapping through the channels in the Scrape Guard and secure with a plastic buckle.  Tighten with the hand-tensioning tool (all included).


  • Flexible vinyl wrap conforms to rectangular posts,  I-beams, round barriers; fits anything from small diameter rack posts to large municipal lighting bases
  • Made of durable PVC with UV inhibitors for long life, both indoors and outdoors
  • 0.5" thick, non-marring vinyl protects vehicles from damage from hits and scrapes; reduces wear and tear on barriers
  • Stack multiple layers of 12" Scrape Guard to increase protected area
  • For smaller posts, feed cable ties (sold separately) through channels and pull tight
  • For large barriers and light bases, secure Scrape Guard with Strapping Kit (sold separately)
  • Standard yellow safety stripes are molded into UV protected black vinyl for durability and increased visibility
  • Custom color striping is available for enhancement
  • Scrape Guard is easy to trim and is quickly secured with cable ties or plastic strapping (sold separately)
  • Order any length up to a 25 foot roll

Save time and money by reducing the expense of scraping and painting concrete barriers, posts and bollards. Scrape Guard presents a crisp, clean, professional image and protects vehicles from impact damage. Scrape Guard is manufactured from a non-marring, highly visible flexible vinyl. It is used for small posts or large cement lighting bases. Yet, it's flexible enough to fit around rectangular bases, odd shaped barriers and I-beams providing protection from constant abuse and eliminating the need for painting. Scrape Guard flexible vinyl protective wrap can be used on concrete light pole bases, columns, railings and many other applications. Perfect for auto and truck dealerships, parking lots, valet stations, gas stations, warehouses and industrial facilities.

Scrape Guard

Visible and Flexible Protection for Painted Car Surfaces

versatile vinyl wrap for scrape protection