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Handicap Blue Post Guard
Post Guards used with signage

Handicap parking and signage is federally mandated. Visibility of handicap parking is important for safety. The corresponding blue Post Guard bollard cover on a handicap sign post will aid in locating the handicap parking spot. By color-coding with the Post Guard bollard cover, the handicap parking space is clearly distinguishable by the driver.

26% of adults in the US live with a disability. Caregivers and individuals in the disabled community must think about and plan for navigating various obstacles in everyday life. Simon supports this community along with Flash Parking to make the transition to accessible parking and transportation a little easier. 

​​Federal Regulations For Signs On Private Property 

Do you have questions about the correct use of signs on your property? 

Click on this link and read the Brochure from MUTCD (The Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices)

Post Guards can turn any bollard into noticeable safety bollards, protective bollards, security bollards, or traffic bollards. The color-coded Post Guard can be used to protect walkways and handicap entrances. Once installed, these posts are not only maintenance free, but immediately transform the look of your parking area, drive thru, or building entrance.

Post Guards for Parking Signage

Bollards can serve several functions in traffic management. Building owners are responsible for the repair of their property. They often install bollards in front of their buildings to protect sidewalks and entrances. One of the primary functions of a bollard is to obstruct or direct traffic. Parking bollards are highly effective devices to calm and control traffic and to increase safety in parking lots.

Protect your bollard posts with Post Guard bollard sleeves, and you’ll be protecting your investment for years to come.

Traffic Control . . . The Post Guard at Work