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Benefits of Using the Post Guard

  • Post Guard can be drop shipped to individual locations at no additional charge. Shipping costs are greatly reduced when we ship cut parts nested together. The 4.5” parts are basically shipped for free when nested inside of the 7.0” parts. Post Guard can be easily installed by anyone. No need to pay additional installation fees.
  • Each Post Guard can be custom cut to the size of your bollards at no additional charge. By cutting the parts to size at our facility, you are guaranteed a straight flush cut and you eliminate the cost, labor and mistakes of field cutting.
  • Post Guard’s installation method has a proven track record against theft. Closed-cell foam strips are included for installation, which creates a permanent suction to hold the cover in place. There is no need for set screws!
  • Post Guard is manufactured using High Density Poly Ethylene-HDPE material.
  • HDPE allows us to have a thinner walled part which weighs less and in turn costs less to ship!
  • HDPE material is super dense. You can not see through the Post Guard, even on the sunniest day.

Bollards are concrete-filled steel posts that provide property protection and traffic control. There are numerous uses for bollards. You will find them in parking lots protecting buildings and marking handicap parking spots.  Many retail properties have bollards at their entrances to deter vehicles and to protect customers. The area between each bollard allows pedestrians, bicycles, shopping carts, and wheel chairs to pass through. Also, bollard posts are used inside industrial facilities to protect utilities, equipment and storage racks. Upon installation, a steel bollard is unattractive even when painted.  Bollards need to be painted on a regular basis to maintain a clean look. The best solution to reduce your maintenance costs and improve the look of your facility is to cover your bollards with the Post Guard Bollard Cover.  By installing the Post Guard, you eliminate the need to scrape and paint bollards. The Post Guard is an economical solution for upgrading properties. With an extensive choice of colors, bollards can be color coded to compliment your application.

What is a Bollard?