How can I get the best shipping cost?

Are Post Guard bollard covers guaranteed against fading?

Rusty Bollard Post

How much taller can the Post Guard bollard covers be beyond the height of the actual bollard?

No, two foam strips are included with every Post Guard for easy installation. The “closed cell” foam strips assure a permanent and snug fit of the Post Guard bollard cover over any size bollard. No additional tools are needed.

After Installing a Post Guard

No, tell us the actual size of the bollard post that needs to be covered, and let Simon determine what size installation foam you need. Extra thick installation foam is used for a secure fit over smaller bollard posts.

I placed my order today, how soon will my parts ship?

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rusty bollard post

What is the inside and outside diameter of the Post Guard bollard covers?

What if I have a 2" or 3" bollard post, won't the 4.5" cover be too big; or if I have a 5” or 6” bollard, won’t the 7.0” cover be too big?

Will I need to purchase any installation materials?

Why do I need a bollard cover?

All Post Guards are made using HDPE – High Density Polyethylene Plastic.  These parts are thermoformed which means they are a solid color all the way through and they are strong enough to withstand minor impacts and harsh weather.

Since Simon has an inventory of over 25,000 sleeves, we normally ship within 2 business days of your order being placed.

bollard post with Post Guard

Simon will arrange for the best, most economical delivery cost to your facility based upon your order. We will custom cut each individual Post Guard at no additional cost and drop ship to your location. Shipping costs are greatly reduced when we ship cut parts nested together. The Post Guards are long, bulky and light weight. The 4.5” parts are basically shipped for free when nested inside of the 7.0” parts.

Simon has the answers to your questions
foam strip installation

Post Guard bollard covers are not see-thru so they can be taller than the bollard. Simon recommends adding two inches to each measurement to assure the Post Guard completely covers the bollard. Simon can also custom cut each cover to make all of the posts appear to be the same height creating visual appeal and a uniform look throughout your property.

Bollard covers eliminate scraping and painting of existing cement or metal bollards. Painted bollards frequently rust and then peel creating an eye sore on your property. Scraping and painting a bollard is very costly, in both materials and labor.

What is the purpose of the reflective tape on the bollard cover?

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Yes, for 6 years. Post Guard bollard covers are manufactured using UV inhibitors to prevent fading from sunlight.

How easy is it to cut a Post Guard bollard cover?

Simon's Post Guard FAQs

The reflective tape increases the visibility of the bollards which are protecting your assets on your property. During the day the reflective tape offers a color variation increasing the prominence of the bollard while at night, the increased visibility results in fewer vehicle collisions, as the 3M Scotchlite stripe reflects back as drivers headlights shine on the bollards.
*Post Guard bollard covers can be ordered without the reflective tape.

Post Guards are made from HDPE material which is soft enough to cut easily by using a variety of electric and manual cutting tools.

What material are the Post Guard bollard covers made from?

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Post Guard Bollard Cover

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