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The Post Guard is available in a variety of attractive colors

The Post Guard Advantage

  • Recessed 3M reflective stripes increase daytime and nighttime visibility (Optional)
  • Included closed cell foam strips assure a simple, permanent installation
  • Molded plastic is more forgiving to a customer’s painted car surface than painted steel
  • The number of sizes and extended available lengths assures complete coverage of any bollard post
  • 5 year UV protection for maximum fade resistance and is designed for all weather conditions
  • Post Guards can be custom trimmed for your application

Cover, Bumper, Sleeve . . . What Do You Call Your Bollard Covers?

The Post Guard is a High Density plastic sleeve, which is designed to easily slide over existing posts to make them maintenance free. When you install Post Guard Bollard Covers, it will no longer be necessary to scrape and paint your ugly bollard posts ever again. This Bollard Cover is UV resistant, scrape resistant and comes in a variety of vibrant colors. The Post Guard’s molded plastic construction is visually pleasing and is also more forgiving to a customer's painted car surface than painted steel or cement. The Post Guard instantly improves your property's appearance, visibility and safety. The Post Guards can also be installed on existing traffic control sign posts such as handicap, stop signs and other directional signs.

Who needs a Post Guard? The Post Guard will cover bollards at car washes, fire stations, store fronts, drive-thrus, warehouses, airports, loading docks, and parking areas.

No Painting Needed – Ever!

If you have cement bollards protecting your facility, you have to paint them on a regular basis.  Eliminate the time and cost by installing our Post Guard bollard covers. You will never have to scrape off the rust or paint them ever again.

Post Guard Bollard Covers

Post Guard Re-Covers

Constructed from recycled post-consumer plastic.

New Lime Green Post Guard Bollard Cover
Bollard Sleeves come in vibrant colors
Bollard Covers available in a variety of colors