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Poletector Measuring Guide
After installing a Poletector
Poletector 540XL for larger size cement bases
Light pole base protector covers rusty or crumbly cement bases.
Light pole base before Poletector
colorful light pole base cover wrap adds a branding image
red light pole base cover improves appearance
Poletector measuring guide
Poletector light pole base cover standard colors
Show team spirit by adding a logo to the Poletector
graphic logos can be added to any Poletector
Simon says promote your brand by covering your light pole base covers with a colorful wrap.

Simon's Solution:

Have a bigger base to cover?

Don't be left in the dark.


Add Branding to your light pole base cover with logos and wraps.

See the difference a light pole base cover can make.

Poletector Standard Colors


For use with 25" to 34" round or 24" square light pole cement bases.

Benefits of Polypropylene

  • Combination of outstanding physical, chemical, mechanical, thermal and electrical properties not found in any other thermoplastic.
  • Polypropylene possesses excellent resistance to organic solvents, degreasing agents and electrolytic attack.
  • Light weight, resistant to staining, and has a low moisture absorption rate.
  • Excellent resistance to acids and alkali.

An attractive and maintenance free solution for parking lot light pole bases.

Poletector 360°

Deteriorating light pole bases are hazardous, pose a liability, and can cost thousands in unexpected repairs.

The Poletector 360° light pole base cover quickly and inexpensively improves the appearance of  parking areas. This light pole protector creates a unified appealing look, eliminating the eye sore of rusty or crumbly cement that tends to discourage any attempt to paint them. Installation  is easily done by hand, without the need of extra tools. The Tough-Lock System ensures that light pole bases are strong yet flexible enough to protect today’s factory fresh paint finishes from even the most inexperienced drivers. Be proactive, add beauty and safety to your location with a light pole base cover while eliminating bumper rubs and car door dings.  Visit the Poletector Photo Gallery to see how you can protect your light pole bases and improve the appearance of your property.


  • Manufactured of 100% Polypropylene.
  • Covers base dimensions 18” to 24" round bases and 18” square bases.
  • Our patented ring assembly allows the Poletector to fit any height light pole base.
  • The top is cut to your specific dimensions in-house, insuring it will fit around your square or round light poles.
  • Your order will arrive completely customized for easy installation out of the box.
  • Available in nine standard colors.
  • Custom graphics available upon request to reinforce your  brand at your location.