Height Guard Overhead Clearance Bars

Clearance Bars help you avoid major repairs and insurance claims by preventing vehicles from accidentally hitting your building or overhang.

overhead clearance bar
Stylish Decorative Bollards
mini speed hump

Enhance the visual appearance of unattractive light pole bases. The patented ring assembly allows the Poletector to fit any height light pole base.

rubber parking block

Rubber and Plastic Parking Blocks provide a highly visible, maintenance-free alternative to cement parking blocks

plastic speed bump

Gate Arm Guard

Gate Arm Guards protect customer vehicles and pedestrians from unintentional contact with a moving gate arm.
bollard sleeves
Dome Top Bollard Sleeves
Steel Pipe Bollards provide protection
flexible vinyl wrap for vehicle protection
square or round column protection
versatile column protector
impact protection for parking structures

Mini Speed Humps

Mini Speed Humps protect pedestrians by gently slowing down vehicle speed.

Rubber and Plastic Speed Bumps designed to reduce speeds and protect vehicles from potential damage when driving and parking.

moving gate arm cover

A Post Guard bollard cover is a protective sleeve that easily fits over posts. It saves time and costs by eliminating constant scraping and repainting.

Steel Pipe Bollards

Steel Pipe Bollards are designed for facility protection by guarding against vehicle impact.


Decorative Bollard Covers
Lightweight, Decorative Bollards add a touch of style to architecture or landscape.

The most complete impact protection available to fully protect your parking structures and garages – your facility,

your people and your equipment.

Designed to act like a permanent delineator, the Gorilla Post is tough enough to take a 15mph vehicle impact and will spring back to original upright position.

removable magnetic delineators

Parking Lot Safety Solutions – Bollard Covers and More

plastic parking block
rubber speed bump

Parking Lot Safety Solutions

Dome Top Bollard Covers
Another choice for a bollard cover.

A new look with a dome top and a smooth ​finish.

light pole base cover

Scrape Guard

Flexible Vinyl Wrap

Visible and Flexible Protection for Painted Car Surfaces

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