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Rubber parking curbs
parking block installation hardware
blue and white parking block in handicap parking area
plastic parking blocks are colorful and lightweight

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Plastic parking curbs are made from 100% recycled plastic


Rubber Parking Blocks                                       

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Technical Specifications            

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​CURBIE Rubber Parking Block Flyer

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  • Solid 100% Recycled Plastic
  • Light Weight
  • Weather and Chemical Resistant
  • Maintenance Free
  • Easy Installation
  • Includes Installation Hardware
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty


  • Made of 100% recycled rubber
  • Long lasting and cost efficient
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor parking
  • Will not chip, crack, or fade
  • High visibility at night
  • Simple installation by one person
  • Can be installed on any road surface
  • Resistant to ultraviolet light, moisture, oil, and extreme temperatures  
  • 1/10th the weight of standard concrete curb   
  • Maintenance free
  • 3 year limited warranty

Let us help.  Simon can determine the best solution for your location and provide you with exactly what you need.  With a variety of parking blocks, we can ship to you using our strategically-located warehouses throughout the country. East Coast, West Coast, North, South or anywhere in between, it is vital to arrange the best, most economical freight to your location. Simon can do that.

There are many styles and designs of parking blocks to choose from.

Actual products delivered may differ slightly in appearance to images shown on website.

Because of the variety of available colors, you can match the Plastic Parking Block to your specific need. White can be used to match parking striping and blue can be used to mark handicap spaces. The yellow plastic block is highly visible, even at night. These blocks never need painting and won't chip, crack or deteriorate from weather or road salts.

Plastic Parking Blocks

reflective rubber parking blocks

The Park-It Rubber Parking Block helps reduce damage to low, front end cars.  Because of the flexibility of rubber, these parking blocks lay flat, even in uneven areas. One person can easily install it. This product is approximately 90% lighter than a standard concrete parking block!

Rubber Parking Blocks

Manufactured from 100% recycled rubber, these blocks are extremely environmentally friendly. Visibility and pedestrian safety are enhanced with molded-in reflective tape.

Take the madness out of your method!  You have finished your parking lot and everything is done, except now you need Parking Stops, Parking Curbs, Curb Stops, Car Stops, whatever you call them, we have rubber and plastic parking blocks that will meet your needs.

Parking Blocks can dramatically improve the appearance of your parking lot. No longer do you need to install heavy concrete blocks that will crumble and deteriorate. You can choose between recycled rubber and plastic blocks. One person can install them without the need of extra equipment.

Why should you avoid using cement blocks. Shipping costs are very costly due to the weight of the cement. They usually only come unpainted grey cement. Installing cement blocks takes a crew and they are not easily stored. They are not weather hardy and will chip and crack from the harshness of winter. Low front end vehicles often are damaged by cement parking blocks. They are eco unfriendly because they are not recyclable.

Parking Blocks

Recycled Rubber and Plastic Parking Blocks