Simon's Profile:

We are thrilled to honor Simon who has accomplished so much over the past few years. Never have we seen so many properties enhanced and improved by one individual. His many years of dedication and commitment are invaluable and we recognize that he has set the example for many future employees.


  • Dedication
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Positive work ethic
  • Cross-functional skills

Professional Training:
First Aid, CPR, Property Protection, Crime Prevention, Damage Control, and the consummate connoisseur of parking lot safety products.

Simon is a highly organized, take charge professional with more than ten years of installation and security experience. He has strong problem solving and decision making skills with the ability to develop and implement effective maintenance plans.

Simon is great at his job and is awarded Certificate of Merit.

       Simon Says:

  • Post Guard Bollard Post Cover is an effective post protector because of its durable construction and appealing design.
  • Height Guard Overhead Clearance Bar is a cost-effective answer to alerting drivers to height restrictions when entering parking garages or other low clearance applications.
  • Plastic and Rubber Parking Blocks protect your facility and are attractive, easier to install and more economical to ship than old fashioned cement blocks.
  • Moving Gate Arm Covers  can protect gate arms, and will add visibility and avoid scrapes if the gate makes accidental contact with a vehicle.
  • Gorilla Post Removable Magnetic Delineator, with optional Post Guard Bollard Cover, is designed to act like a permanent delineator and is tough enough to take a 15mph vehicle impact and will spring back to original upright position.
  • Poletector 360° & 540 XL Light Pole Base Covers make covering light pole bases easy and provides maintenance-free protection to your assets.
  • Plastic and Rubber Speed Bumps are proven winners in calming traffic in parking lots and streets.
  • Scrape Guard Flexible Vinyl Wrap is padded protection for custom applications that have odd sizes and shapes and light pole bases, providing numerous uses in auto dealerships, warehouse and parking structures.
  • Sentry Protection Products offer the most complete impact protection available to fully protect your parking garage equipment and your people.
  • Maintenance-free products are kind to your budget and provide years of protection.

Simon, Your Parking Lot Safety Expert

Simon is dedicated to assisting you with the best solutions for parking lot maintenance and safety.

Parking Lot Safety Solutions

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