Are you covering bollards underneath a handicap, stop sign or other message sign?

Remove the sign. Cut a hole into the top of the Post Guard that matches the shape and placement of the sign channel. Install the Post Guard as described above. Replace the sign.

blue handicap bollard sleeve on sign post
red post guard on stop sign post
black bollard cover with message sign
Installing a Post Guard

Now that you have made the decision to use  bollard covers, and received your order, it is time for installation. You are just minutes away from covering your ugly bollard posts with clean, attractive plastic bollard covers from  Simon,The Parking Guard.

yellow bollard covers no parking zone
Video on Post Guard Installation
three steps to install bollard cover

The Post Guard bollard sleeve can make an immediate, remarkable difference to an ugly, rusted bollard. Maximize your maintenance budget by installing the Post Guard Bollard Cover and never have to paint again! Installation is fast and easy and can be done by anyone, eliminating the extra expense of an installer. The two foam strips, included with every Post Guard, assure a permanent and snug fit. No set screws are needed! With their ease of installation and vibrant colors, the Post Guard bollard sleeves are the perfect solution to enhance the appearance and safety of any structure.

Installing the Post Guard Bollard Cover 

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