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available colors of Height Guard


5” x 80”, 5" x 96",  5" x 120" 

7" x 80", 7" x  96", 7" x 110", 7" x 120", and 7" x 144" with custom lengths available.

  • Comes complete with a non-reflective, self-adhesive graphics kit that includes the word “clearance” and two sets of numbers  (0-9) with inch and feet marks.
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Overhead Clearance Bar shows the entry height

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Height Guard graphics kit

Optional Graphics Kits

Graphic kits are available with Entry and Exit messages. Control access to your parking structure or parking lot by providing directional


Entry and exit information on clearance bars

Height Guard Assembly Instructions:

                      80 Inch Long         

               96 to 120 Inch Long

                     144 Inch Long

Protect your facility and make your message clear

These cost-effective overhead clearance bars are perfect for parking garages, ramps, lots, bank and restaurant drive-thru lanes, car washes, and warehouse delivery bays and entrances.

  •  Installs easily - hangs from parking garage entrance or   other low clearance applications.  Simon recommends   using flexible chain and not stiff wire for installation.

Height Guard is available in the following colors*

​*Additional colors available.

A clearance bar gains motorists’ attention to warn them of maximum height requirements. Clearance Bars help you avoid major repairs and insurance claims by preventing vehicles from accidentally hitting your building or overhang while also preventing costly damage to your customers’ automobiles.

  • Standard Sizes include: 



  • High-visibility bar helps prevent overhead damage to  your facilities and other low clearance structures.
  • Designed with a smooth surface that allows you to  easily add safety height measurements.
  • ​3M reflective stripes provide added visibility.
  • Fabricated from high density polyethylene, the Height  Clearance Bar is ultraviolet resistant, antistatic and  withstands extreme temperatures.
  • Maintenance-free polyethylene plastic design will not crack, fade or rust; looks new for years.
parking garage overhead clearance bar

Height Guard Clearance Bars
Prevent Vehicle and Structure Damage