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Gorilla Post Bollard Mini Color Choices:

The Gorilla Post Bollard Mini is a smart choice over traffic cones and markers. The tamper-proof Mini stays in place and maintains distance and alignment. Made to original Gorilla Post specifications, the 24-inch tall, 7-inch round Mini is flexible and yields to both vehicles and pedestrians. Easy installation and removal with the same removal tools used on the original Gorilla Post.

Gorilla Post Magnetic Mounting System

Unlimited Usage Possibilities:

  • Curbside Baggage Check, Valet Parking Stations.
  • Reserving parking spaces for special customers and promotions.
  • Temporary overflow extensions to existing pedestrian entry lines at theme parks and concert arenas.


  • Virtually tamper-proof base withstands 380 PSI vertical lift yet can be removed in under 5 seconds with exclusive removal tool.
  • Small footprint makes for easy storage and redeployment by one person.
  • Installation is quick with just three items: Gorilla Post, 5.5” zinc plate and tube of epoxy.
  • Mounting Plate is ADA trip hazard compliant.
  • Soft rubber 6" diameter base cushions contact with pedestrians, shopping carts and pull-behind luggage.
  • Allows for easy snow removal and accessibility for thoroughly cleaning of surface area.
  • Available in a wide selection of colors and post heights and markers. Added visibility for drivers when approaching parking hazards, gate arms and traffic situations such as restricted access and pedestrian crossings.
  • Streamlines your business traffic flow and pedestrian queue management.

Drivers don’t always have the best judgment. The flexible Gorilla Post is used in place of a parking block and is more visible. When struck by a vehicle, the Gorilla Post absorbs impact and protects vehicles from damage and helps reduce the property owner’s liability.
The Gorilla Post, with Post Guard cover, is a unique temporary signpost designed for multi-use applications. Its lightweight construction, 8 pounds in the standard post configuration, allows for mobility and ease of installation. Once installed, the Gorilla Post is virtually impossible to move. Its patented Magnetic Mounting System is tough enough to take a 15 MPH vehicle impact, and the post springs back to original upright position, keeping the base position secure. Installation is easy and removal is quickly accomplished with a choice of either a foot operated or hand tool. Upon post removal, only the zinc plate remains on the surface.

Flexible Bollards for Traffic Control

Gorilla Post Removable Magnetic Delineators