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measuring a straight gate arm

Straight Gate Arm Guard

Provide the length, width (thickness) and height you want covered (example: 60” long x 3/4” wide (thickness) x 3” high. Do not include the portion of the gate arm that attaches to the control box.

Measure from control box to end of gate arm (A). Do not measure gate arm end-to-end going behind the control box.

Measure thickness (B) and height (C) of the gate arm.

measuring a round gate arm

Gate Arm Guard Colors

Round or Octagon Gate Arm Guard

Measure the circumference around the gate arm (A) and the length (B) to be covered.

Folding/Articulating Gate Arm Guard

Same measurements as above, but separate measurements for the inner arm that is from the control base to the folding mechanism, and then from the folding mechanism to the outer portion of the arm end. When measuring the gate arm, we recommend leaving a 2″-3″ clearance from the folding mechanism on both the inner and outer arms to avoid possible interference when the arm is in motion.

Fast and Easy Installation

Slide the Gate Arm Guard over the gate arm and attach the Velcro tabs at the ends of the guard directly to the gate arm to keep the guard in place as your arm moves up and down.

For folding gate arms, the Inner arm guard wraps around the gate arm and seals closed with Velcro that is sewn across the length of the inner arm guard. It is not necessary to remove the inner gate arm to install the guard. 

Measure the same as for a straight arm but separate measurements for the inner and outer arms. Do not measure the metal brace (X) or where the arm folds.

How to Measure Gate Arms

measuring a folding gate arm