Charcoal Grey Granite
Post Guard red flat top
Royal-Lincoln-Pawn Decorative Bollard Covers

Lincoln Covers

6.625" OD - up to 54" H
Royal Covers

8.625" OD - up to 72" H
Pawn Covers

4.5" OD - up to 43" H

Decorative Bollard Covers

Decorative Bollard Covers

Slant Top Decorative Bollard




Post Guard

Flat Top Bollard Cover

Decorative Bollard Covers - A Stylish Choice

Post Guard Red dome top
Decorative Bollard Covers

Charcoal Grey

(Ash #9966)


(Dark Monzonite)

( #14042)

Standard Granite Colors: brown granite, tan granite, charcoal grey granite, and black. Additional colors available by special order.

Granite Finish

Decorative Bollard Cover

You should choose Simon’s decorative bollard covers when appearance really counts. These bollard sleeves are made to quickly and easily install over new or existing steel pipe bollards. The refined designs complement any facility and provide a cost savings as compared to aluminum, stainless steel or cast iron bollards.

Reduce labor costs and improve your bottom line by eliminating the need to constantly paint your existing bollards. Simon’s decorative designs suit any outdoor environment such as corporate facilities, upscale hotels, municipalities, educational institutions and health care facilities. These decorative bollard covers enhance the aesthetics of security posts and steel pipe bollards all while protecting your assets.

Simon’s decorative covers are just as easy to install as our standard Post Guards, which means simply laying the two foam strips over the top of the existing bollard and sliding the cover over the post.

Line your corporate drive, improve the appearance of your shopping mall or enrich your walkways and parking areas with Simon’s decorative bollard covers. They are the perfect solution when landscape or architectural style is important. 

Granite Finish Decorative Bollard Covers



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Prefer a Flat Top ​or a Dome Top ​Bollard Cover?

Tan-Sandstone Granite
Brown Granite

Distinctively Designed

 Bollard Covers

Post Guard

Dome Top Bollard Cover

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