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Embellish your light pole base cover with your logo
Reinforce your product brand with a light pole base cover wrap
Red light pole base cover identifies parking area
Communicate your brand message with a colorful wrap
Light pole base cover with dealership logo
Poletector with graphic logo identifies dealership areas
Automotive logos are available for any light pole base cover
Beautify your dealership with your logo on a Poletector
A crumbling cement light pole base transformed into a product message with a light pole base cover and graphic wrap.

Simon says, “Light poles are like mini billboards.  Once you have your customer’s attention, you can communicate your message in a professional way."

Automotive Logos are available on any color light pole base cover.

Branding is a very important strategy in marketing your business. The foundation of a brand is the logo. When installing a light pole base cover, embellish it with your logo or company message. This will show your commitment to your product and services and leave a lasting impression to visitors.

Automotive Logos Customize Your Dealership

Promote Your Brand with Graphic Logos and Colorful Wraps

Poletector with custom logo

Parking Lot Safety Solutions