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Column Sentry with a larger cutout
Foam installed for a snug fit
Column Sentry with attaching straps
Red Column Sentry FE shows location of fire extinguisher

Protection for Columns of All Sizes and Shapes

Column Sentry 30R

The XXL sized Column Sentry 30R, meant to surround columns up to 30" in diameter. The outside diameter is 44" and the height is 42". For smaller columns, filler products can be used to adjust the fit.

Installing the Column Sentry

Column Sentry

Advanced Design for Flexible Column Protection.

Click here to see the Column Sentry FIT.

All Column Sentry products come in two pieces with attaching straps.

Installing the Column Sentry

Column Sentry FIT Medium

Foam inserts provide a snug fit.

Column Sentry FIT

The installed Column Sentry is securely fastened.

Parking Lot Safety Solutions

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Need to adjust your Column Sentry for a perfect fit?

Column protection designed to fit all columns including I-beams and H-shapes
Column Sentry-Column Sentry FIT
Column Sentry Foam Inserts
Column Sentry is securely fastened

Column Sentry FE

Column Sentry FIT yellow-black

The Column Sentry FE has a larger cutout design that accommodates columns that have items attached to them such as fire extinguishers, electrical boxes and other components.

The Column Sentry FE can be made in red which is an excellent way of identifying the location of fire extinguishers. Available in both 8” x 8” and 12” x 12” sizes, the Column Sentry FE is installed the same way as the other Column Sentry products. The cutout in the column is located to allow for the normal position of the strap bindings.

Made of low-density polyethylene, all Column Sentry products are 42”/107cm tall. Each comes with a set of nylon straps for wrapping around the two column pieces.

Designed to fit virtually any size and shape column, including I-beam or H-shapes, the Column Sentry is a versatile protector for columns and beams.

Installation of the Column Sentry is fast and easy. Place the product around the column and position the straps around the column protector. Press the hook and loop straps together for a secure fit.

Position the Column Sentry around the column and extend the straps.