Column Sentry FIT small
Column Sentry FIT Medium Yellow-Black
Column Sentry
  • Fits columns 8"x8"(200x200mm) up to 12"x12" (300x300mm) in size.
  • Adjustable column protector designed to fit around square, round, or H-columns from 8"x8" (200x200mm) up to 12"x12" (300x300mm) in size. With an expandable outside diameter starting at 20" (508mm).
  • Available in Yellow or Yellow and Black.
  • Weighs 48 lbs. (22kg).

Column Sentry FIT


The Column Sentry FIT is a 4-sided, interlaced design that assures equal protection for every side. The

2-sided protectors have 2 flexible and 2 rigid sides.

The distinctive air vent system, allows air to escape during impact without splitting the sides. The 4-sided design adjusts to fit exactly around columns to provide equal protection all around the column. Molded from a mixture of HDPE and EVA, they are stackable, weatherproof, chemical resistant and UV stabilized.

Upon impact, the Column Sentry FIT will return to its original shape. Each comes with a set of nylon straps for wrapping around the column pieces.

Adjustable Column Protector

Column Sentry FIT Small-Yellow-Black

Column Sentry FIT

Column Sentry FIT


Column Sentry FIT Medium

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  • Fits square, round, or H-columns from 4”x4” (100x100mm) up to 8"x8" (200x200mm) in size.
  • Outside diameter of 16" (406mm).
  • Available in Yellow or Yellow and Black.
  •  Weighs 34 lbs. (16kg).